Monday, November 26, 2007

1. talk to a lot of people with opposite sex if you are a straight man/ woman
2. make friends with them
3. choose a target... see to it that it is your type or someone who you can easily go with to make your plans successful....(play with them)
4. go with that person as possible as you can
5. talk to him/her the things that makes him/her comfortable to talk with you
6. ask him about the things that gvies him /her pain and try to make him/her comfort....(try to get his/her heart by comforting him)
7. be nice and sweet to him/her often
8. tell him/her that no matter what happens you will always at his/her side
9. look for a chance to tell him that you love him/her
10. and when you think he/she likes you..break his heartwell,..
those written above are the things i have observed from those person who i noticed that has have this personalities... if i am going to rate myself from this 10 mattes..i am up in number 9...after saying that i love him i am doing everything to make his heart mine forever..but unfortunately they break my heart and left me in one side with out any hesitations...i am not only refering to my x boyfriends but also to my know what sometimes, i can't help myself to think that people around me who i prefer to categorized as "MY FRIENDS" are those people who are only nice to me whenever they need me, but when they don't need me they just left me and ignore me with out any hesitations...GRRH SHIT THOSE PEOPLE WHO HAS THIS KIND OF that i know them, next time i will never lend my hands to them, but instead i will be turning back and let them drown..and whenever they will call my name,,,sorry my dear i will cover my both ears and run as far as i can so that i will never hear them calling my if you are one of those people that has a personality like this..CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE NOW BECAUSE IT IS NOT A GOOD ATTITUDE AND DONT FORGET THERE IS A KARMA..!!!!

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