Monday, November 26, 2007

the time is over

MAY 11, 2007 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
it was the day that i hated most!!! was the first death anniversary of my father and yet my dead line of waitinfg arnel to come back to me..yes i do..but since there no development at all now i am much convince that we will not be together anymore. i waited until 11:59pm any text from him that would give me a sign but there is no signs at all...
i started my day waking up too early not my usual wake up call . last night (may 10, 2007) i made a letter that i put inside a bottle of wine..there, wrutten all my heart aches and experiences with my ex.and there i said goodbye..together with my best friend we went to a brach near our place to throw that bottle in the sea. i got wet because i get the bottle from the sea to throw it again and when i have seen my bottle far from anyone we go to school . you know while watching my bottle swimming away from heart feels so heavy that i feel like there is something inside me that was lost. it seems llike i wanted to jump in the sea and swim going to my bottle to get it.but i did not do it because my exam is important than it. and i know letting go is the best thing that i should do....anyway god loves me so much,while taking my examination i was not bothered about that bottle.
during lunch time there are people who texted me and asked them where they got my number and they told me they got it from the letter that i wrote inside the bottle..the sad thing is the one who found my bottle lives here in gensan.nakakainis kasi ayaw talagang lumayo ng bote sa akin!!
in the afternoon, i went to my father's tomb to visit him and have prayers for him..there i cried much..because i miss my father so much and also it is the end of my waiting.
in the evening my bestfriend and her boyfriend broke up..kung ang reason ng broke up namin ng ex ko ay mababaw mas mababaw pa ang sa kanila...anyway im sure magkakabalikan rin naman sila

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