Friday, November 30, 2007

I Love You but Goodbye

It started with a text where we became good friends,
A couple of months, our communication were cut.
I have said something that hurt your ego,
But your compassionate heart forgives me and tied us as one.

We became lovers and it started like a seed,
Days, weeks, months, and a year passes by,
You and I fought for what we believe.
Trials and problems came that set us apart,
Until the day came, that the knot that bind us as one was broken.

A month after our break-up passed by, hatred reigns in our hearts
A couple of months and we became "friends".
Until the day came, that I have realized everything
I left a promise in myself;
"I'll let you feel how stupid you are for hurting and leaving me behind."

The fact that I let you feel my pure love and care,
I loved you more than my life, gave everything and put my pride down.
But looked what you had done?
You stroked a deep scar in the center of my heart where it beats for you.

Every time I saw you and talked with you,
I have a difficulty stopping myself, saying that I still love you.
Because I know in my heart you'll just laugh at it and hurt me more than before.

I longed to touch, hug the body and to kiss the lips that was mine before,
But whenever I got tempted
I can't stop my heart to beat again for you.
Leaving you gives me pain, but I have to do so

When I'm about to close my eyes to end my day
My tears fall down and wish you could be mine again.
A part of me convinces myself, the promise that won't come true
The promise of "Till death do us part"

I wish that I'm away from you,
And leave the love and hate I feel for you,
For me to free myself from the imprisonment which I called "My Love for you"
Now it's clear for me that all I need is to have time and space.

My beloved one, you thought me so many things,
That changes my whole identity.
Now it's time for me to take my revenge!
I'll let you feel a million times the pain that you have given me!

To the person who causes me much pain,
I just want to let you know that I still love you
And is still waits for your return.
But now is tired and hopeless for our love.

By this time, I'm sorry but I have to do these things,
I'll let you feel the rudeness treatment you deserve.
Now my plans are in the process,
I don’t know what it would bring me.

Thank you for the love and care,
My love that hurt me so much,
You taught me many things,
That changes my entire life.
I love you but good bye.

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