Monday, November 26, 2007

its so unfair

its been 1 year and 9 months since the last time i fall in love with a guy but unfortunately we didnot last.. we ended up last april 11, 2007 and now its been 5months when we broke up with each other,,,..
to tell to you honestly guys SUTORS came into my life but no one of them i fall in love with..may be i am still inlove with my x boy friend that time but now i am ready to fall in love again....BUT
but why is it so unfair that i am falling with a man who is commited to a gir.. (not to a married man but a young man who has a girl friend) i dont know whats with him that i easily like him but to find out that he has a girl friend and he is deeply in love with his girl..sad to hear right??But that the truth..yeah it hurts...but i have to accept the reality.... but despite of this he told me that he loves me and i wish it is true,...kaso nga lang di pwedeng maging kami and ayaw ko rin namang maging reason sa break up nila ng gf niya...may be the best thing to do for now is to let the guy go and try to search for someone that is mean for me...may be this is not yet the time for me to engage into a relationship again....
pero ok lang as long as di ako masasaktan di gaya ng dati,,hirap pa namang bumangon..well i guest enjoy na lang muna ako sa pagiging single...hehehe

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Nova said...

your a beautiful young lady, don't stick with someone u don't deserve to be with, your still young, there will be plenty of men outhere who will get attracted to you. make sure that next time, you have to get to know the guy first make friends with him until such time he will fall inlove with you. crushes? or admirations were only an infatuations dear, that won't like, its more great when you fall inlove with someone because of the things you both did, instead of falling in love because of the so-called love at first sight... that's not a good idea...

forget him, and move on, memories will always be there between u and him, but it would be much better to just move on with your life.