Monday, November 26, 2007

my x boyfriend? my new bestfriend?

its been three years when the last time we've been together... He is my x boyfriend when i was in high school.. one day, wgen pauline and I were on our way home when a guy take a ride on the same jeepney we were riding. as the guy take his seat i have revognized him and he is JOSIAH BULNES.. and i dont know if it is an accident or not but the jeepney stops and it run out of fuels in its tank.. and the three of us walk from Lagao roundball going to our own homes. and we started texting each other but not as often as before and the next time we see each other was this month last SEptember 07 and 08 2007 if i were not mistaken..while talking with him i cant stop myself but to cry and after i have told the things that bothers me and before he left he gave me a hug and that hug gives me the strenght and courage not to take another risk with arnel... Y? jos told me because it would become harder for me to stand again after that failure...and i guest his right. and after that night. in the following day here i am standing strong and might... overcoming the pains that i have received 5 months ago...

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